Tuesday, 15 August 2017 13:07

Project 7 Years in the Making Sees Fruition Tuesday

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A project seven years in the making reached the early stages of fruition Tuesday as workmen installed the first of 60 to 70 historical/ mapping signs and an additional slew of direction markers along Broadway.

The signs feature a historical component and local timeline on one side, and a map of the area and business panel directory on the other.

The signs are the brainchild of the Downtown Special Assessment District – a nine-member group started in 1978 by property owners and given the ability by the state legislation to be tax property owners in the downtown district.   

The overall cost of the signage is approximately $275,000 and is the result of both public and private funding, said Harvey Fox, chairman of the Downtown Special Assessment District.

“It sounds like seven years, but it’s really been a lot longer,” Fox said Tuesday. “This has been talked about and thought about for a long time, and it’s finally coming to fruition.” 

signs 2.jpg


Broadway, Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017. 






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