Thursday, 27 April 2017 18:35

New Manufactured Homes in Greenfield

[Gallery photos by, depicting contractors at work and the interior or exterior of new manufactured homes at Brookview Village.]

GREENFIELD CENTER — A community of manufactured homes on Route 9N is expanding with the addition of 64 lots in the back of the property.

Stephen Sacks moved to Saratoga County from New Jersey because he believes in the value of the homes offered by UMH Properties at Brookview Village.

UMH representatives “really do care about giving people the American dream,” Sacks said, during a tour of the work site. He was recently appointed as the property manager at Brookview Village.

First established in 1968, UMH Properties is a real-estate investment trust that owns and operates manufactured homes in seven states.

This week, contractors fused together individual halves of several new units after they had been transported separately across state lines on flatbed trailers.

The manufactured homes feature modern exterior and interior designs, standardized by companies such as Titan Homes, Redman, Eagle River and Skyline.

Sacks said the transportation of manufactured homes itself proves their durability in the natural elements. 

“We think we’ve got a beautiful, affordable, high-quality product,” offered Sam Landy, the chief executive of UMH Properties in Freehold, New Jersey.

Landy said family members, who travel to Saratoga Springs several times during track season each year, happened to get stranded at a Brookview Village guest house during Hurricane Irene in 2011. The storm allowed them to experience first hand, he said, the difference between traditional “stick-built” houses and manufactured homes.

The 64-home addition at Brookview Village will take place in three phases, bringing the total number of lots to more than 200. The newer units will range in price from $100,000 to $150,000, Sacks said.

“These are so well built,” Sacks continued, noting how an added feature will be the new development’s distance from Route 9N and its woodsy surroundings. “It’s very quiet. It’s very peaceful. I think people are going to love living back here,” Sacks said.

Landy said the completion of all 64 lots depends on real estate market conditions and actual sales. With all taxes and fees included, a typical monthly lot lease could total approximately $1,500, he said.

After the real-estate market crash of 2008, Sacks explained, UMH Properties secured agreements with various credit companies that specialize in leasing manufactured homes. They include First Credit Corp., Northboro Priority Funding and Triad Financial Services.

He said a Skidmore College graduate recently put down the first deposit on a manufactured home in the new section of Brookview Village. UMH Properties is “not a company just looking to make money,” Sacks added. He said the company had installed three separate water wells and dependable sewer systems on the property, and is always willing to assist the community’s leaseholders in the case of emergencies.

Sacks also said the company is allocating $50,000 for a necessary rehabilitation of the mailbox area, which will include the installation of more lighting and protection from the elements for residents of the community. 

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