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Friday, 10 October 2014 09:35

A Weekend Of Wellness Awaits

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October 18 and 19 At Healthy Living Market

WILTON – Now that the family has settled in to the fall routine: back at school, at work, etc. The Healthy Living Market and Café (3065 Route 50 at the Wilton Mall) Wellness Department has put together a weekend of free, informative and fun family activities for everyone to eat smarter and just live better. 


According to David Wolfe, wellness manager at the Market, “It's all about sustainable education. We want to provide important information that gives families choices throughout the season, every day, every year. Healthy Living has so many resources that help to educate families in making the transition from unhealthy, toxic eating habits to wiser, healthier food choices that are just as convenient, but serve the body well.” 


“A Healthy Living Wellness Event not only provides free education for raising awareness they are also intended to open the eyes and hearts of families in our local communities to make healthy lifestyle choices that last their entire lives.” Wolfe continued. 


The growing trends of childhood and adult obesity and the desire of many families to have information to combat this dilemma are at the heart of the philosophy behind Healthy Living’s offerings next weekend. “Healthy Living’s Wellness Department is here to help families win the obesity and diabetes epidemic that is sweeping over the entire nation, including Upstate New York.  This two-day event provides a number of demos and free Wellness Classes out of our Learning Center that will help parents and kids make healthy and wise food choices... for the rest of their lives.” Wolfe concluded. 

At the Market’s wellness center, an emphasis is placed on hands-on experience and demonstrations.  While food is at the core of the experience, the offerings go beyond food into the realm of overall lifestyle. 


All the presentations are one hour and they are full of information to benefit mind, body and soul. It’s all there for you – and it’s all free!


Here are detailed descriptions of the presentations at next weekend’s event: 

Saturday, October 18

Presenter: Lisa Cartier

Your Nutritional Guide to a Healthy Fertility

Are you looking for guidance with nutritional protocols to help on your fertility journey? Are you experiencing PCOS, Endometriosis, POF, or other fertility issues? Are you looking to see how you can change dietary choices to help with conception in the future? Discover just how much we can do nutritionally for each of these issues. You will be given specific protocols that will help start you on the path to healthy fertility.

Time: 1 hour


Presenter: Nini Gridley

Emotional Eating and Bach Flower Remedies

In this workshop you will learn about the Bach Flower Remedies, a simple system of emotional healing developed in England by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.  Experts claim that 75 percent of our overeating is triggered by our emotions. We’ll discuss the symptoms of emotional eating and highlight the underlying negative feelings you may experience to identify which of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies would help. Whether the urge to overeat is because you are tired, stressed out, bored, or lonely, there is a combination remedy that will help bring you back to emotional health, balance and harmony.  Suitable for the whole family.


Presenter: Trent Millet

Unveiling the Springs of Saratoga

In this presentation, participants get to explore all there is to know about the special water springs that are found throughout the Saratoga Springs State Park and local areas.  Trent unveils the numerous health benefits that the springs offer and how they can enhance the body’s functions.  Trent loves sharing the medical history and present-day delights that these waters behold!  Be amazed by learning just how wonderful these springs truly are and how they can benefit your personal health, as well as the health of your family.


Presenter: Pierre Zimmerman

Stress Reduction and Meditation

This stress-relieving class will uncover the neuroscience behind stress and how it affects the body and mind. Body relaxation techniques will be explored, as well as experiential meditation and communication skills that serve people effectively. This class helps connect people to their actual life experience and lends a hand in reducing stress levels on a daily basis.


Presenter: Erin Marzilli

Applying Make-up 101; An Introduction to Facials and Makeovers

Learn all there is to know about applying and using all natural, gluten free, vegan-safe and cruelty-free make-up. Pick the brain of a local master make-up artist and learn how to apply make-up and cosmetics the right way.  Leave the toxic ingredients behind and get on board with a class that shows you the best way to approach your eyes, lips, and your personalized facial makeover.


Sunday, October 19 

Presenter: Shannon Beckwith

Kid-Tested Healthy Snacks

In this fun demo-style class, Chef Shannon Beckwith will show you how easy it is to get your kids more involved in the kitchen.  She will be making a few fun, delicious and healthy snacks you and your children can make together. Shannon will also talk about how to help kids make healthy food choices when they are away from home.  Everyone in the family can benefit from this presentation.


Presenter: Donna Panzl

Juicing with the Season-Fall Juices

Juice with the seasons for the greatest health benefits. This is a class for both beginners and seasoned juicers. Learn how to create the best juices the first time. Get to taste a variety of recipes and ask all the questions you may have about juicing and your health. 


Presenter: Kaitlin Moen

The Art of Self Care with Essential Oils

This is a comprehensive introduction to essential oils; experience an effective, safe and all-natural way of sustaining your own personal health.  This class provides tons of useful information about “smart medicine” and demonstrates the difference between certified pure therapeutic grade oils and other oils available on the market. Learn about the quality, purity and potency of essential oils as well as diverse ways of applying them throughout the year.


Presenter: P K Dave

Natural Healing Through Ayurveda

As founder of Nature’s Formulary, P K Dave has over 20 years of experience in integrating Ayurveda with herbal products and lifestyle plans for people to achieve optimal health. Dave has lectured on this subject for more than 12 years and has written articles in and/or has been interviewed in magazines such as Natural Foods Merchandiser, Vitamin Retailer, Yoga Journal, Health Supplement Retailer and Taste for Life. Learn what it means to create true balance in your health.


For more information, visit healthylivingmarket.com/Saratoga or phone (518) 306-4900



Healthy Living Market’s Wellness Weekend Event:

Schools in Session:

Parents and Kids of All Ages Staying Healthy


Schedule of Classes at the Healthy Living Learning Center

All Classes are FREE, No registration required


Saturday, October 18

11 a.m.- noon:  Lisa Cartier, Your Nutritional Guide to Healthy Fertility

12:30-1:30 p.m.: Nini Gridley, Bach Flower Remedies and Emotional Eating

2 - 3 p.m.: Trent Millet, Unveiling the Springs of Saratoga

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.: Pierre Zimmerman, Stress Reduction and Meditation

5 - 6 p.m.:  Erin Marzilli, Applying All-natural Make-up 101


Sunday, October 19

11 a.m. - noon:  Shannon Beckwith, Kid-Tested Healthy Snacks

12:30 -1:30 p.m.: Donna Panzl, Juicing with the Season-Fall Juices 

2 - 3 p.m.: Kaitlin Moen, The Art of Self Care with Essential Oils

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.: P K Dave, Natural Healing Through Ayurveda 

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