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Monday, 02 September 2013 14:11

Press Release Regarding Foot Pursuit

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The following is the press release issued by Saratoga Springs Police Chief Greg Veitch concerning the foot pursuit of Darryl Mount:

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- At about 3:02 a.m. Saturday morning police officers assigned to foot patrol on Caroline Street reported that they observed a 21 -ear-old male, later identified as Darryl Mount, Jr. of Malta, shove a female’s head into a brick wall near the corner of Caroline Street and Broadway.  Police officers approached Mr. Mount and he fled on foot.  

Police officers then engaged in a foot pursuit in an attempt to stop Mount and take him into custody.  Saratoga Springs Police Department policy mandates an arrest in cases of domestic violence where any offense is committed in the presence of an officer, even if the victim does not want to pursue the arrest or prosecution. 

Mount ran south on Broadway into the alley on the north side of the Washington Building at 422 Broadway.Police officers twice attempted to deploy the Taser electronic control device during the foot pursuit while in the alley.Both attempts failed and did not make any contact with Mount who continued to run behind the Washington Building into the construction area at the rear of the building.  All Taser probes have been recovered at the scene and have been secured in the custody of the police department.  The recovery of the Taser probes confirms that there was no contact made with Mount or his clothing.      

At the rear of the building a wooden barrier is in place to prevent unauthorized access to the construction area and scaffolding behind the building.  The area behind the building has no lighting and was wet from rain that had fallen earlier in the evening. Police officers pursuing Mount reported that he climbed over a railing adjacent to the wooden barrier and onto the scaffolding at the rear of the building.  Only one officer pursued Mount onto the scaffolding and he was slowed by the construction area that is a tangle of wood and metal posts and support beams.  It was at this point that the following officer lost sight of Mount briefly.  Once the officer made his way onto the scaffolding he no longer could see Mount.

Other officers then ran around the front of the building to Gardner Lane next to Lillian’s in an attempt to secure any escape routes and establish a perimeter. The initial officer trailing Mount noticed an individual approaching the area along the sidewalk between Gaffney’s and Izumi Bar and Grill.  He called to the person to inquire if they had seen anyone running through the area and the witness reported that he heard a thud or crash and came to investigate but that he did not see anyone running.  A few moments later, the officer on the scaffolding observed Mount lying on the ground as other officers began arriving from the area of Putnam Street.  They found Mount unresponsive but breathing and called for emergency medical treatment.  

Saratoga Fire Department personnel arrived and provided medical care on scene, including cutting away Mount’s clothing. He was then transported by members of SSFD to Albany Medical Center.  

The police department has received several calls inquiring if police officers have been suspended or charged in relation to this incident.  Many have referred to allegations made on social media and other internet websites.  Some of the calls reference police officers, by name, who were not even working at the time. Some have referred to the tearing of Mount’s clothing as evidence that the police tore his clothing off of him during a beating although firefighters cut off his clothing to attend to his injuries as they do in many serious injury cases.Others still have claimed the police assaulted Mount on Caroline Street and were later seen chasing him down Gardiner Lane. There is no evidence at this point that police engaged in anything other than a foot pursuit onto unlit construction scaffolding behind 422 Broadway. The pursuit was begun after officers observed Mount assault another person and in accordance with what Saratoga Springs Police Officers are mandated to do. No witnesses have come forward and stated that they observed police officers using force on Mount. Anyone who claims that they observed any officers beating a suspect in this or any case is encouraged to contact me directly and I will personally take their statement.  

A canvass of the area for video has been conducted. None of the video in possession of the police department shows the area behind 422 Broadway or the attached scaffolding. There is video of Caroline Street showing Mount shoving the female victim into the wall just off of Broadway, running away, and police officers giving chase.Video on Broadway shows several officers in pursuit of Mount as he runs into the alley on the north side of 422 Broadway and moments later three officers running from the alley south bound in front of the building to Gardner Lane as they attempt to intercept Mount or establish a perimeter at the rear of the building.A third video shows officers running down Gardner Lane; no one is running in front of them. All of the video is secured as evidence pending grand jury action.  

Because police officers had lost sight of Mount and no witnesses have come forward who observed what happened in the area behind 422 Broadway, police speculate Mount somehow fell or jumped from the scaffolding in an attempt evade police. This was the initial report to dispatchers who provided that information to responding medical personnel. At the time of the incident, the area had no lighting. The scaffolding has many wood and metal support and cross beams and one can only pass through the area by stooping to avoid the cross beams or by hanging off of the edge of the scaffolding. It is about 19 to 20 feet from the scaffolding to the ground where Mount was found.  Falls from this height can result in very serious injuries.  

Mount has suffered serious, life threatening injuries. It is most important that he gets the medical care he needs to recover. It is for that reason alone that the police have not formally charged Mount with any offense at this point. Any criminal case will proceed at an appropriate time in consultation with prosecuting authorities. 

I would again encourage anyone who has information regarding this incident to contact the police department at (518) 584-1800, on the web at www.saratogapolice.org or anonymously at (518) 584-TIPS.  

Any allegation of police brutality will be taken seriously by the Saratoga Springs Police Department.This investigation is still on-going.  There may be additional facts, evidence or witnesses that are not yet known to the police. I encourage anyone who witnessed this incident to report their information to authorities.  

Gregory J. Veitch   

Chief of Police 

Saratoga Springs Police Department                                                      


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