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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 14:55

July 1st Malta Town Board Review

By Staff Report | News

MALTA — The Malta Town Board approved a six-month contract that states the conditions of the consolidation of Round Lake Volunteer Fire Co. and Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Co. as they prepare to build a new joint fire station this year. 

The fire companies will remain independent agencies, but the consolidation will include three board of directors from each company for a total of six board members for the new fire house. Fred Lee of Malta Ridge Fire Co. said the design of the new building went over smoothly with the planning board and the companies are hoping to break ground on the project in August. 

In other business, the town board approved all new business items, including the fire protection service agreement and a waiving of planning fees for the project, a purchase contract for Presbyterian Church on Route 9 Bypass and confirmed the appointment of Floria Lowin to the Executive Secretary Planning position. 

The Malta Planning Board will meet July 16 and the town board will meet again August 5.

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