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City Mayor Post-Election Financial Disclosure Statement Posted at BOE

City Mayor Post-Election Financial Disclosure Statement Posted at BOE

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The post-election campaign financial disclosure statement regarding newly elected city Mayor Ron Kim has been posted by the state Board of Elections.

The disclosure statement was due 27 days following the Nov. 2, 2021 election. When that period passed without the post report, two attorneys filed a formal complaint against Kim with the state Board of Elections. Michael Brandi was one of the attorneys who had sent a letter to the state Board of Elections Enforcement Counsel.

Tuesday morning, following the posting of the report, Brandi said: "the complaint has been made and the Board of Elections has the ability to look at the facts and pursue enforcement. What that looks like, the ball is in their court.”
On Jan. 5, the state BOE Enforcement Counsel responded to an email from Saratoga TODAY seeking comment about the status of the matter.  “The disclosure of Enforcement Division materials not only has the potential to impede or obstruct investigations, but potentially undermines principles of fundamental fairness in investigations and prosecutions. Therefore, we do not comment concerning whether the Division received complaints, the status of complaints, or whether investigations are undertaken.” Signed: Michael L. Johnson, Chief Enforcement Counsel.  

Late last month Kim told the Times Union that he had filed his post-election report, but a technical issue prevented it from being viewed.

Campaign finance disclosure statements for candidates may be found at: the NYS Board of Elections campaign finance page.

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