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Declutter for the New Year

By Jordana Turcotte | News
Declutter for the New Year

Being disorganized can be caused by a combination of things. But more importantly, being disorganized causes many ailments and barriers for you and your life. The new year has only just started; this is a great time to regain your space and improve your health.

Problematic cluttering behavior manifests itself in 3 major ways; compulsive acquisition of useless possessions, living spaces so cluttered you can’t use them and distress or an inability to function due to the hoarding. Your stuff will cost you in more ways than one: money, time, health, relationships and more.

Clutter can be a symptom of other health issues. If you have had an emotional trauma or brain injury, you can struggle with normal upkeep of your home. Conditions such as ADD, OCD, ADHD, depression, chronic pain and grief can also prevent you from tackling your stuff on an ongoing basis. Having a significant level of clutter can also be an indication of emotional deprivation or an absence of warmth expressed in the family during adolescence.  In all of these cases, seeking help in some form from a psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor or professional organizer is probably necessary. 

The stuff in your home is not only physically impeding your space but preventing you from actually doing things… if you can’t find your sneakers, you aren’t exercising. The items cluttering your home can create an un-safe obstacle course, especially for those with limited mobility.  If you have young children, it means making a safe space for them is almost impossible. You may not be taking your medications properly due to lack of systems and always losing them.  And if we are talking about clutter in your kitchen, you will eat better by clearing the space in order to prepare a healthy meal at home and use healthier foods from your pantry.  Eating at home is almost always healthier than a meal prepared out.

The stuff, as packed as it is, can also mask dirt and allergens and harmful mold.  In some cases, even bugs and rodents. Have pets?  They can “hide” surprises within the stuff that can cause major issues for your health and the condition of your home. What you can’t see can be seriously harming you.

The big glaring issue with clutter in your home is the challenges it poses to your mental health. It causes a lot of stress, i.e. not being able to find things when needed, being late for work or events, having to repurchase items and spend more money. The burden is high when you have too much stuff and it is disorganized. This reason is, of all the others, why most professional organizers get called. This stress leads to depression and anxiety.

So, physically and mentally, gaining control of your space and your stuff, can have huge positive improvements on your health. Your mental health will improve; you will be at peace with your stuff and rather than it limiting you, it will support the life you want.  You will be calmer and happier.  If you have breathing problems, tackling the clutter and cleaning your home thoroughly will improve those issues.  With eating healthier and finding those sneakers, your fitness and energy should improve, you may even lose actual pounds when the weight of your stuff is gone. You’ll have more time for the things you want to do because you will be in charge of your space.

Getting organized and simplifying has so many benefits. It is overwhelming to get started, but please do… just start small. Even one cleared surface can create huge results. If your kitchen table is covered, just clearing this off may set you up to eat regularly, have a basket for meds and take them properly, and pay your bills on time. If you think you need help with how to do it, seek that help.  You won’t be sorry when you reap all the benefits of letting go.

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